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Cyberbullying slang terms

cyberbullying: Slang terms teachers and parents need to be aware of

Anti-Bullying Week is 17-21 November 2014. In part two of our slang terms series we focus on worrying e-safety in schools subject of cyberbullying.

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e-safety: From IHML (I hate my life) to Mos (mum over shoulder): why this guide to cyber-bullying slang may save your child’s life

This weekend The Daily Mail highlighted how our e-safety keyword libraries can help to save children’s lives. As young people use an increasingly varied vocabulary of acronyms, abbreviations and slang terms to communicate with each other online, adults could be overlooking e-safety and missing out on vital warning signs and potential risk. Over 1,500 schools…

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E-safety in schools

e-safety for schools – the top 5 cyberbullying phrases you need to know

Have you ever caught a glance of your child’s screen as they were chatting to friends online and wondered what they were saying? Are you a teacher, struggling to maximise e-safety in your classroom?

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Impero partners with the Anti-Bullying Alliance to enhance e-safety feature

Impero have joined forces with the Anti-Bullying Alliance to drive down the issue of cyberbullying in education and to enhance the outcome of e-safety in schools. As two organisations sharing a common vision – to use new technologies to promote positive communication – the partnership marks the beginning of a safer digital learning environment in…

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