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  • Identity management product manages pupil online password usage
  • New remote IT management tool for technical teams
  • Enhanced Education Pro includes student report button and glossary of online danger terms
  • Preview of upcoming online behaviour management software
  • Workshops from e-safety expert, Alan Mackenzie


Impero Software will use Bett 2014 to launch an enhanced version of its core product, Education Pro, and reveal two new additions to its suite of IT tools – YouID and Remote Manager.


Jonathan Valentine, managing director of Impero Software comments: “Impero was born in the classroom and has always responded to the needs of schools. In recent years those needs have evolved, and so too have our products.”


YouID – cloud identity management


While the cloud has given schools access to the latest, innovative learning and management tools, it has also added to the administrative workload of ICT staff. With so many online programmes being used, and different passwords for each, schools are struggling to track and manage their students’ online identities. The time needed to administer the login details for hundreds of students using five to ten online programs can be excessive. Understanding this, Impero developed YouID, an identity management tool with a seamless single sign-on portal that helps teachers manage and assign login details.


Valentine comments: “It became obvious to us that a solution was required to solve this common problem. Web-based resources now play a vital role in education, but their use also raises concerns about data security and the time spent managing them. A tool like YouID, which consolidates all the login details used for cloud systems into one secure repository, tackles both of these issues without any fuss.”



Impero Remote Manager


The second product making its debut at Bett 2014 is Impero Remote Manager, a system designed to relieve the pressure that technical teams feel when having to juggle multiple support tasks. Giving staff remote access to any computer within an agreed network, the tool allows them to fix problems as they arise, lend assistance or demonstrate how things should be done, even if the user is operating from a different geographical location.


Valentine notes: “Technical staff often find themselves running from computer to computer in response to support requests and at the same time dealing with the day to day issues of a network. We know that they feel the burden because one of the most common IT concerns teachers have is a lack of technical support. With Impero Remote Manager, this support is much more readily available so teachers can make better use of their digital learning tools.”


Impero Remote Manager uses data encryption to ensure the network is kept secure at all times. With a choice of flexible hosting options, Impero Remote Manager can be hosted in the cloud, or supported using the latest hybrid cloud technology.


Education Pro


Education Pro is Impero Software’s core product. Offering users a suite of tools from e-safety to print management, it is both a powerful aid for learning and an effective way to manage costs in relation to productivity. At Bett 2014, Impero Software will be demonstrating some of the product’s latest, innovative features. These include a new e-safety feature called ‘Confide’ which gives students a voice with which to report internet violations or bullying concerns. Whether those accusations involve themselves or other students, they can select the member of staff they want to submit their worries too, in their name or anonymously.


Impero Software has also been working closely with the Anti-Bullying Alliance, Beat, and students themselves, as well as other relevant associations, to develop a library of abusive terms that should be monitored to indicate inappropriate behaviour. With keywords, phrases, acronyms and definitions included, the library helps protect vulnerable students by educating staff on what to look out for.


Valentine comments: “Our new confide tool and the abuse library are just two of the latest features of Impero Education Pro, we have also integrated a USB tracking tool which logs specific USB use and which blocks suspicious devices in order to improve security. Our development team works tirelessly to make improvements quickly and apply upgrades according to the feedback we get from schools, local authorities and Ofsted.”


What else?


Visitors to Impero Software’s stand at Bett will have the chance to participate in demonstrations of all the company’s products throughout the show as well as seeing an exclusive preview of Impero Learning Manager, set for release in Q1 2014. Impero Learning Manager incorporates all the important classroom management functionality of Impero Education Pro, without the list of additional features. This will suit those primary schools and education establishments wanting only to address this specific requirement.


On the Thursday and Friday of the show, Impero Software will be joined by e-safety expert, Alan Mackenzie, from, who will be running a free e-safety clinic for visitors. Offering advice on maximising e-safety in schools, he will also distribute free copies of his e-safety whitepaper and his free monthly e-safety newsletters written specifically for teachers.






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The company provides intelligent school ICT management helping teams, cut costs and improve staff productivity. Its cutting edge software and powerful learning tools assist schools in the day to day running of their computer network, putting teachers back in control of the classroom and enabling them to proactively deal with e-safety on a daily basis.


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