the benefits

save money

From the day it’s installed, Impero Education Pro starts saving money. By controlling print and managing power, the cost of running a busy network can be dramatically reduced. The power management feature alone is responsible for a typical return on investment (ROI) in just 6-8 months, which can be easily calculated using the reporting function.

As well as these bottom line cost savings, efficiency is significantly improved. Administration for both IT and teaching staff is greatly reduced and can be re-invested into more value adding tasks.

save time

The most commonly reported benefit of Impero Education Pro is the time it saves. Allowing Network Managers to respond to issues and fix problems remotely saves valuable hours each day and reduces classroom downtime waiting for IT support.

Teaching staff see a reduction in classroom admin as many activities (issuing tasks, marking exams, logging students on/off etc…) are automated, while the remote control and instant messaging functions allow teachers to respond quickly.

focus learning

Impero Education Pro is designed to keep students on task, by removing the distractions of online working. Certain websites, applications and devices can be blocked at an individual, group, or entire network level to focus learning and pass classroom control to the tutor.

With real-time visibility of every user’s computer, in one central view, this classroom monitoring software helps staff keep an eye on usage, set violation alerts and record incidents, ultimately promoting positive classroom behaviour.

reduce carbon

As well as the financial cost associated with waste, there’s an environmental impact to consider. Impero Education Pro cuts down on unnecessary print, by assigning print credit on an individual basis and applying restrictions to enforce a reasonable usage policy and prevent careless behaviour.

Impero Education Pro also provides centralised power management and control across the network, scheduling remote power on/off and delivering a variety of reports to maintain efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

stay safe

Impero Education Pro is designed to keep students safe in the online environment. Viewing unsuitable content, giving out personal information, accessing indecent images, cyberbullying, grooming, identity theft – the risks go on.

With key word detection and the use of blocks and filters, Impero’s digital classroom management software incorporates e-safety for schools and ensures acceptable boundaries can be imposed. Real-time alerts and close monitoring will highlight violations, usually proving enough of a deterrent to prevent these instances occurring in the first place.